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{Do we read the bible?} 

              1. Did Paul fall off a horse when Jesus appeared to Paul in Acts? 

              2. “ No room in the Inn” was said by a person?

              3.  Does scripture say “three Kings” came to Jesus in the manger?

              4. In Daniel 9:26 “prince”, grammatically in context, is speaking of Whom?

              5. Was the Blood of Jesus Christ carried to heaven and sprinkled on all the

                  heavenly tabernacle altar? How if so? Hebrews 8-10

              6. “Adam’s sin” was passed unto all Men, Rom chapter 5, or was it “All men have

                  sinned as he had? If his particular sin was passed on, how was it done according

                  to the Holy Spirit, scripturally?

               7. Did “death” come by man or did “man” come by death according to scripture?

                   Romans five

               8. Did God mean He created the earth in a literal “ Six days” or was He fooling us,

                   holding back the truth? Exodus 20 and 31 along with Genesis 1-3

               9. Are “dragons” spoken of in the History of Biblical times showing man existed

                   with them?

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NO.    Question          [Answers are in God’s word]      [Prayerfully in faith, Read &Study]


1.        Did God create man  knowing that he surely would fall into sin?

2.        Was Adam’s sin directly transmitted to the rest of the human race? If so How?

3.        Is everyone born with a “sinful nature”? Define sinful nature?

4.        Do people sin as a result of human nature, influence, force or choice?

5.        How did Satan and his angels sin where there was no sinful environment?

6.        Where do babies who die spend eternity?  Why?

7.        Are the members of Christ’s Holy, righteous, upright Church expected to “overcome sin”

            in their daily lives? How?

8.        Is the final destiny of every person in his own hands “OR” has God decreed

           some to eternal life and others to eternal damnation before they were ever

           born, making God a respecter of persons? Is He a respecter of persons according to His word?

9.        Does God know all of our future choices before we make them?

10.      What do the words “PREDESTINATE, FOREKNOW, ELECT and CALL

            really mean in the Greek and Hebrew?

11.       Can a person be “Part sinner and Christian” at the same time? Can a divided house stand?

            Can light have fellowship/relationship with darkness at the same time? Light dispels darkness

             and if no light then “how great is that darkness in the heart”?

12.       Does a true Christian sin everyday in word, thought, and deed? Would a Holy Christ call them

            His offspring [disciple] if one willfully sins since there is no iniquity in Him?

13.       How many sins [acquiring a guilty conscience becoming a sinner] must a Professing Christian

            commit before he “returns to his own vomit” and “wallowing in filthy mire”? How many fruits

            of the tree “of good and evil” did it take for Adam and Eve to choose in disobeying God, dying

            spiritually becoming sinners, grieving God? What is Sin from God’s stand point?

14.       Does a “war between the flesh and the spirit” take place in a Christians? Sinners or both?

15.       Can a Christian lose ones fellowship/relationship with God through Sin? Did it happen to Adam

             and Eve over “one” sin?

16.       Is the only way to become a Christian by personal choice to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus

           Christ? OR is it by how good and  kind YOU are?

17.       Do you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when you are born again or is this a separate

            experience? If it is separate, are you clean and holy to ask to receive Him?

18.       Is speaking in tongues the initial physical evidence of being baptized with the Holy Ghost?

            How does one pray, biblically, in the Spirit “if not”?

19.       Are the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit for believers today?

20.       What benefits for mankind are included in God’s word “SALVATION”?

21.       Is divine Healing of the Body provided for in the atonement of Jesus Christ?

22.       Has God’s plan of salvation always taken care of man’s spiritual AND physical needs?

23.       Does God intend that His people “suffer” for Him with sickness and disease?

24.       Why are so many “Professing Christians” sick today?

25.       Does God chastise believers with sickness?

26.       Is tithing a requirement to be in right standing with God?

27.       Is tithing a New Testament principle for Believers, or is it we are merely told to just cheerfully,

            lovingly, give?

28.       Is the present political state of Israel part of God’s End time plan?

29.       Can you explain end time events as foretold by Daniel, Jesus, and penned by the Holy Men of God

            moved upon of the Holy Ghost in the New Testament writings?

30.       Has the 70th week of Daniel 9: 22-27 already been fulfilled, or is it still in the future? In grammatically

            determining “the prince” is referred to whom in Daniel 9.26?

31.       What do terms; “Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, Post-Trib, Historical and Spiritual mean in the study of Endtimes?

32.       Is the term “Rapture” in the bible? What does it mean?

33.       Will there really be a future “Millennium” with a rebuilt temple and daily sacrifices? What does

            Hebrews 9th and 10th chapters say?

34.       Did Jesus tell us what “the end [ last days-these days]” would be like?

35.       On what basis must we interpret Old Testament prophesy?

36.       What is the Anti-christ system according to the bible?

37.       What does God say is occult activity and why are we seeing so much of it today?

38.       Can a true Christian be demon possessed? Wouldn’t his/hers spirit be divided as to which

            loyalties to follow, there by being a house that cannot stand? Is this God’s will in Christ, being

            saved and holy? Christians body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?

39.       What is deliverance according to the bible?

40.       Why have so many “big” leaders in  the church fallen according to the word of God?

41.       What does God call a LOVE relationship with Him?

42.       Is Walking in obedience to God’s Word the same as “Holiness”?

43.       What does God mean when He says, “Be ye Holy as I am Holy”?

44.       Does God govern mankind the same way he governs the material universe and  the animal kingdom?

45.       Are men free moral agents OR are men caused by God to act and react the way  they do?

46.       Will God judge men by weighing their “good” deeds against their “bad” deeds?

47.       Will we be judged righteous before God if we have kept the 10 commandments?

48.       Will all men be resurrected from the grave, some to eternal life with God and some to eternal torment

             in darkness forever?

49.       What is fornication according to scripture and in relationship to homosexuality, marriage and

            outside of marriage?

50.       Has God “ordained” marriage between same sexes? Were homosexuals in the garden of Eden?

51.       Is homosexual desires Sin according to God, being a burning desire and temptation of the Flesh?


           You can pass these on if you want! feel free to do so to take them into your groups for study to show

            yourselves approved unto God in faith in Christ to be holy as He is Holy according to “Peter” !

            No sinning! Your Conscience Knows!

                                      DO NOT HESTITATE TO ASK FOR HELP!!   Be Happy to help you!!

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